Reverse Engineering

What's good about our Reverse Engineering services is that you the customer can be in total control of the project. How does this work you may ask well it's simple. We can work in stages, this allows you to stop the project at the end of each stage & restart when you need or are able too, or you can take your electronic data elsewhere or simply allow us to complete your project.

There are 3 basic stages to the Reverse Engineering process.

1, 3D Scanning

2, Generation of a Mesh model from the 3d point cloud data

3, Creating the solid or surface geometry in Solidworks or Creo. CAD data can be made available in other formats on request & would require additional quotation.


For the reverse Engineering side of the process we use Flexscan 3d scanning software collaborating with Solidworks & the 3rd party software Powersurfacing RE. Powersurfacing allows us to take the geometry direct from the scanner as a obj file and use this directly in Powersurfacing. From this we build up a matrix Sub-D surface to follow the geometry of the part.





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